Paul McSherry

With many years of experience as a senior communications professional for the customer service industry, Paul brings his knowledge to the fore in his role as Blizzard Entertainment’s Communications Manager in Ireland. As one of the world’s leading computer game companies, Blizzard prides itself on the quality of the games they produce - such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Hearthstone - and the excellent customer service that supports these games.

In fact, Blizzard is legendary in gaming communities for its epic customer support – something of which the Cork support centre is very proud of, and something Paul works with the global CS leadership team to improve daily.

Prior to Blizzard, Paul worked in the Irish banking industry, specialising in customer service communications, before working as a Journalist for Irish national newspapers. He broadened his experience while working for BT, BAA and RBS in the UK, before returning to Blizzard in Cork.