At eleven, we view customer experience as a priority and make recommendations on projects based on this perspective. 
– Albert Keating, CEO

eleven’s mission is to empower organisations to excel in customer experience, by providing unique consultancy and business transformation services, along with the best contact centre software in the market, and outstanding software engineers and business consultants to deliver technical and operational support.

Based in both Ireland and the UK, with clients across the globe, eleven’s experience within the contact centre world allows them to understand your business, anticipate and exceed customer expectations and develop intuitive and consistent ways to engage and deliver through all communication channels.

eleven will help you create unique customer journeys that make your customers feel special and appreciated, while saving time and increasing revenue and efficiency.

This team wants to create a world where your customers relish the experience because it’s easy, personalised, immediate and over delivers. And they return for more, time and again.

Forget 10/10, strive for eleven.