evcoms is an award-winning organisation specialising in communication, Cloud, WFO, WFM, and conversational analytics. They collaborate with large enterprises to offer practical solutions and quantifiable cost savings. As an agile and adaptable team, evcoms moves at the same pace as their clients' businesses. evcoms are one of the fastest-growing communication businesses in the UK and Ireland.

evcoms recognises the importance of having the right people with the appropriate skills available at the appropriate time. They are capable of meeting predicted work volumes across various channels. Their contact centre experts can provide you with strategic technical advice and customized training courses. They cover a broad range of topics, including setting up and maintaining workforce management platforms, forecasting and scheduling, designing quality monitoring forms, and much more.

By partnering with evcoms, you and your team will gain the knowledge and expertise you need to develop strong customer relationships and consistently achieve exceptional results.

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