CCMA Ask the Expert - Catch It. Call It. Change It. - Mark Fenton

Date: 26/06/2020

Venue: Webinar 11 a.m.

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The world is changing fast and we need as diverse a set of skills & experience as possible to thrive in the future. Yet, our biases often drive us to the same approach, with the same people, communicating the same way. This costs us time and money. 

This brief webinar will unlock our understanding of how we think and act and provide practical tips to overcome the often negative influence of our biases to ensure we make the right decisions to ensure our personal and corporate success.

Specific points to be discussed:

  • Diversity and inclusion (D&I) have shifted from being two HR buzzwords to key components of business strategy. Research has shown the positive impact (for businesses, for teams, for individuals) in inclusively embracing a diverse workforce. D&I is a strategic imperative that will improve: 

                  Talent attraction, retention & development

                  Client understanding & customer experience

                  Our ability to create and innovate

  • So why are we not more diverse and inclusive? The reason - our biases and the impact they have on how we make decisions around people and information. How do we think and what impact do our biases have? Why does this matter?
  • What can we do (individually & collectively) to change this, be more aware, make better decisions and reap the rewards of a diverse and inclusive environment.

About the SpeakerMark Fenton is the CEO & Founder of MASF Consulting Limited, a specialised advisory firm on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Executive Coaching. Mark supports individuals and organisations, across Ireland and abroad, to unlock their potential, embrace diversity and encourage inclusion in their day-to-day personal and working lives. Mark and his associates co-create tailored programs based on proven models of success in Sponsorship, Agility, Leadership, D&I Training and Executive Coaching. Mark provides business-focused and culturally-aware solutions by leveraging his 20+ year career in international financial services, including 18 years of working and living abroad in multiple countries.

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