CCMA Community Chat - Webinar - Building YOUR resilience in the face of uncertainty - Neil Kelders

Date: 12/05/2020

Venue: Webinar 11 a.m.

Continuing our CCMA Community Chat series this webinar will show you how to ‘access one’s power’ in order to achieve the small wins on a daily basis which will enable you to create the healthy habits needed to build your resilience, which in turn ultimately leads to a reduction in your stress, anxiety & frustration levels.

This is done through Neil’s own personal story around dealing with mental health problems and how his little wins enabled him to be more resilient, more focused and become more productive from day to day. Neil brings a creative and interactive experience where he integrates his learnings from Improv Comedy, Acting and his many years of experience as a sports and team performance coach.

Specific topics to be discussed:

  •  Introducing little wins into your day
  •  Bookend your day
  •  Being self-aware
  •  Introducing simple tools to build your resilience 

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Use simple tools to help manage their wellbeing through these uncertain and worrisome times
  • Become more self-aware;
  • Becoming aware of your thoughts, and having the ability to unhook from non-constructive ones
  • Have the tools and knowledge how to rebalance quickly.

About the Host

Neil specialises in the areas of Performance Coaching, Mentoring, Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching. Neil is committee member of the See Change, Green Ribbon Committee, which rolls out the National Green Ribbon Campaign every May, as well as an Ambassador for both See Change and First Fortnight. 

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