CCMA Sponsor Event - Accenture - From Customer Experience (CX) to the Business of Experience (BX) - It’s Time to Reimagine Business Through the Lens of Experience

Date: 15/09/2021

Venue: Webinar 2 p.m.

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Start with the customer context.

Problem Solution Mapping Framework  

We are delighted to host this webinar with our gold sponsor Accenture. The topic of discussion is from CX to BX. 

Customer Experience (CX) is no longer enough. It’s time to reimagine business through the lens of experience. As good CX becomes mainstream, leading to a sea of sameness companies need to offer great experiences, this means we must change how we deliver them.

Companies that deliver an experience with the entirety of their business are more likely to achieve the highest levels of sustained growth. Welcome to the Business of Experience (BX).

Key topics for discussion during this webinar will be:

  • Moving from CX to BX - Everyone recognises there is a dangerous gap between brands and the reality of customer’s experiences of them. 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer experience, but only 8% of customers agree. We encounter this truth every day in our support and help centres. Frontline staff consistently support frustrated customers who are disappointed with what the brand promised and what the brand delivered. CX isn’t enough, we must push beyond and deliver experiences that respond to customers’ new, often unmet, and frequently changing needs to enable them to achieve their desired outcome. This is the Business of Experience.
  • Closing the gap - There is more to customers than their willingness to purchase products.” Customers don’t care about 7 out of 10 products or features you create. This truth means brands today are facing intense pressure to stand for something bigger than the products and services they sell. A driving force of delivering consistently exceptional experiences is to solve for human needs. We firmly believe that when customers achieve their ambitions, brands do too. It’s at this intersection that brand purpose lives. Using a human centred design approach, discover the true needs of people and create experiences that proactively meet and exceed their expectations. The people you are designing for are the roadmap to innovative solutions. This ethos drives down support and contact centre volume by consistently hitting the mark of customer expectation.​
  • Case-studies - Accenture will share a number of client case studies showing how organisations have aligned customer support communications to a Brand Purpose.

About the Speakers 

Katie BrennanExperience Strategist, Accenture Interactive

Katie is specialised in business design and customer experience strategy, with experience across several industries in Accenture. She has worked across the project lifecycle, from Strategy and Ideation through to Delivery. Katie enjoys working with clients on improving their user experience and is passionate about incorporating creativity to design products and services for the extreme user, in order to benefit all users.

Nichola WolfeExperience Strategist, Accenture Interactive

Nichola has a passion for helping organisations create meaningful connections with their customers across a spectrum of channels and touchpoints. Customer obsessed, Nichola applies deep insight to humanise digital experiences. By developing a deep understanding of the customer at every stage of the journey Nichola designs and implements initiatives that help organisations resonate and exceed customer expectations.

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