CCMA Sponsor Webinar - evcoms - AI Unleashed: Exploring the Future with Bots.

Date: 19/04/2024

Venue: Webinar 12 noon

Join evcoms & Verint for an exclusive showcase featuring an in-depth demo of the Interaction Wrap-Up Bot and its dynamic collaboration with the Containment Bot.

Witness firsthand the seamless synergy of bots working together to revolutionise customer interactions. Discover how these Verint Bots empower agents, reducing Average Handling Time (AHT) while enhancing efficiency.

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In our engaging webinar, we'll delve into real-world scenarios illustrating the practical applications and tangible benefits of these cutting-edge technologies. Learn how the Interaction Wrap-Up Bot streamlines post-interaction processes, freeing up valuable agent time and ensuring swift issue resolution.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of Verint Bots and revolutionise your customer service experience. Join us and discover the future of interaction management!


This webinar will be for 30 minutes. 

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