CCMA Sponsor Webinar - Genesys - Orchestrating the Future of Customer Experience (CX)

Date: 23/02/2024

Venue: Webinar 12 noon

Imagine a future where delivering personalised, seamless, and AI-driven customer experiences (CX) isn't just aspirational—it's our present. This world is where organisations effortlessly bridge the gap between customers, Bots, and agents across diverse channels and platforms, making the once elusive ideal of orchestration a living reality. The technology isn't just ready; it's waiting for us to embrace it. Yet, our biggest hurdle isn't the technology itself but how we implement it and make it a cornerstone of our business strategy.

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Join a team of experts who will share valuable insights, as we embark on this transformative journey, armed with real-world customer stories, to shape the future of Customer Experience.

Participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on:

  • The Current State of Customer Experience (CX):
  • The Vision of an Orchestrated CX Future:
  • Technology as the Enabler - Exploring the roadmap for organizations to embark on their own transformative journey in shaping the future of CX.
  • Identifying the hurdles in implementing advanced CX technologies.
  • Making Orchestration a Business Strategy:
  • Learning from practical examples and case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented orchestrated CX. Such as Virgin Atlantic, Nespresso to name a few.

Our Panellists: We are delighted to be joined by Marc Sasson  Cloud Solutions Architect Digital & AI and Amanda Halpin Senior Manager Commercial Operations Digital & AI  Genesys for this webinar. 

Participants will leave the webinar equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the orchestration landscape, practical strategies for implementation, and the inspiration needed to lead their organizations into a future where personalised, seamless, and AI-driven customer experiences are not just aspirational but a vibrant reality.

This webinar will commence at 12 noon and finish no later than 12.45 p.m. 

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