BT’s Digital Customer Insights Report

Joseph Walsh, Commercial and Marketing, BT Communications Ireland Ltd., sponsors of the CCMA, has provided this insightful digital customer research report.

Digital Customer Report At BT we've been running an extensive global research programme since 2010, to help understand the impact digital technologies are having on consumers and how they communicate with customer-facing organisations. We want to understand what devices and channels consumers are using, what their expectations are for these communications and if they feel these expectations are being met. Since the start of our programme, one element of consumer behaviour that has remained constant, but has become increasingly difficult to provide, is simplicity. Simplicity is top of the consumer priority list. They'll be loyal to organisations that are easy to deal with and they will buy more from organisations who make it easy to buy from. 'Chat, tap, talk: Eight key trends to transform your digital customer experience', is the latest output of our research programme. It's based on a survey of 5,000 consumers across 10 countries. In the survey we've probed consumers preferences for messaging based services like web chat, asked their views on the emergence of bots and the role they have to play in customer service, and we've dived into the increasing use of video along the customer purchasing journey. This papers provides senior executives and their customer relationship management colleagues with some fresh insight into what customers want and it shares our thoughts on how this might translate into practice. Simplifying the process for the customer comes down to understanding their journey and the different behaviours they might exhibit along the way. This needs to be done prior to mapping their requirements against the most appropriate channel or technology.

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Joseph Walsh    Commercial & Marketing BT Communications Ireland Ltd.