Build a Contact Centre in Only 2 Weeks

Event: Build a Contact Centre in 2 weeks

IDG DirectJoin us in welcoming John Moran, the head of IDG Direct in Ireland, this Wednesday, September 27th at The Clarence Hotel, 6-8 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2, and discover how they set up a Dublin contact centre in only 2 weeks (yes that is right!) from the premises, to the staff and the technology he will explain how he built a network of contact centres, which now has 600 agents. Gordon O'Neill, CEO,, will also discuss their involvement with the contact centre management systems and the cloud-based software (Quvu) to help increase call volume by 300%. Who is IDG Direct? IDG Direct is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG) the world's leading Technology Media, Events and Research Company. IDG is committed to helping people acquire and use technology successfully. As a result, IDG brands have become the trusted source for advice and insight into technology news and trends around the world. Founded in 1964 by Irish American and MIT graduate Patrick McGovern with $5,000 from the sale of his car. Patrick got accepted to MIT after he designed an unbeatable algorithm for the game noughts and crosses. Whilst at MIT he started writing for the world's first ever computer magazine Computer World. In 1992 he wrote the very first 'Dummies' book entitled 'DOS for Dummies', which went on to be the best-selling series of books ever. IDG is now in 97 countries with all revenues of $3.55bn. A philanthropist he set up the McGovern Brain Institute at MIT. Who is Goldfish is a cloud telecoms company set up in 2010 to provide telephone services to businesses across Ireland. An Irish company, we are part of a network that handles 66 million calls annually. Switch your organisations telecoms to the cloud today and take advantage of the benefits of VoIP. Keep your existing telephone numbers by transferring them to Goldfish.



We look forward to seeing you there.