CCMA - Introducing our New Name and Logo

Customer Contact Management Association

ccma-logo-new-snaggedAs you may know in recent weeks we asked for your help in renaming the  CCMA. This was to reflect how the contact centre industry in Ireland has changed and grown dramatically since the association was founded over 15 years ago. We were hearing from some of you that it was time for the Contact Centre Management Association to take the next step in reflecting and supporting the breadth, nature, diversity, influence, and impact of our sector.

We agreed that the name of the Association needed to accurately reflect the work that our member companies do and will do, and that it is representative and inclusive for all of our members.

At the same time we knew the value of the CCMA acronym. We are delighted to announce that with the valuable input of members we have renamed the CCMA to the Customer Contact Management Association. We also have  new logo.


The logo is a graphic treatment of 3 simple 'apostrophe' shapes coming together to create a new shape. It's intended to suggest many layers of conversations, dialogues or types of engagement coming together to create something that is more than the sum of it's parts.

The trefoil shape also indirectly references Irishness - the shamrock and celtic knot work.

In contrast to the symbol the letter shapes are very clean and defined in form. The two core colours are used to create a simple visual punctuation between CC and MA.

A simple line below the name creates a space for the addition of an suitable byline which we will ask for your input on in the coming weeks. We hope you like our new name and logo, we would love to hear your comments.