Clouds, Crowds and Autonomous Customers

Doing Business as Unusual in 2012

On 11th January BT hosted an event for senior CCMA Executives at which Dr Nicola Millard renowned Customer Experience Futurologist with BT made a presentation entitled "Clouds, Crowds and Autonomous Customers: Doing Business as Unusual in 2012". Dr Millard outlined how consumers  are changing more rapidly than the organisations that serve them. The  future customer is autonomous, demanding and expects to access advice and information through multiple channels - including getting advice from the 'crowds' via social  media - at anytime, anywhere and on any device. They often prefer to use  self-service rather than having to talk to someone - as long as it is easy for  them to do so. By the time customers finally get around to contacting the organisation, they often have questions that go far beyond the FAQs. This  places huge demands on the customer service organisation and, especially, the  contact centre. This video shows Nicola's thought provoking presentation and considers the challenges of serving this new breed of customer in an era of €˜Business as Unusual' in 2012.