Conversational Interfaces - The Rise of The Machines

Next Interface VisualIt may come as a surprise to you that 75% of American households will have a smart speaker by 2020. (Gartner). It may also surprise you that 90% of the population of the United Kingdom can now be addressed via either Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Would it surprise you to know that nearly half of all retail payments in China are now made through WeChat, the Chinese version of these messengers? In 2017, Google's word recognition matched that of a human for the first time. It will soon be better than humans at recognising objects from your mobile phone camera, your home security system, or your in-home digital personal assistant. Chart 2The same holds for Amazon Alexa. Does anybody really think that customer interaction and customer service will be business as usual in these new environments? CCMA, in association with our sponsor Webio, is hosting a breakfast briefing on Thursday 7th June, on the topic of "The Future of Customer Service". At this event we will give you the understanding of what is happening in the world of conversational interfaces from two companies implementing these technologies today. Colin Lewis leads a team at OpenJaw Technologies, a Chinese owned travel technology company with insights into how Conversational interfaces change the customer journey in that industry. Brian Heron is Principle Designer and Director at Each & Other and is working on projects implementing these approaches in the retail and finance sectors. This really is golden opportunity to gain the inside track on the fastest growing technology in history. If you would like to attend please click "Register for Event" register-for-event