Crafting Valuable Customer Conversations

Nick Miller, Clarity Advantage highlights three takeaways from his presentation at the CCMA Customer Experience Leadership Summit

conversation-crafting Nick delivered a very thought provoking keynote on conversation crafting, and how organisations can go about having consistently high quality conversations with their customers. This is a field Nick has worked in for 30 years helping organisations (mostly in the United States and Canada) to craft conversations, train their employees, and coach to improve performance. In his address he urged delegates to really think deeply on how to bring value to conversations so as to make emotional impact and build relationships. Nick takes a holistic approach and says that it's not enough to just consider the conversation content, but vital to think about flow, tone, language, simplicity, and how to meet the objectives of our various stakeholders. His three takeaways for the audience were:

  1. Start simple, ask a few questions.
  2. Keep it under the radar, test and learn.
  3. It's important to then observe the results and coach.

Clarity Advantage work with CCMA member Econiq in the United States. Econiq provide next generation software (The Conversation Hub) which guide conversations to deliver on these objectives. The Conversation Hub also provides visual transcripts which give visibility into the conversations to support training and coaching, and deliver important insights to management on performance.