February Network Forum “New World of Work”

Our February Network Forum takes place next Thursday 2nd February. Co-hosted by Plantronics and Microsoft this forum entitled "New World of Work" will look at how technology is reshaping the way of working and the workplace as we know it, forcing us to reassess how we use physical spaces alongside a new, virtual world of online collaboration.

Philip Vanhoutte Managing Director - Europe, Middle East and Africa, PlantronicsPhilip Vanhoutte Presenter at CCMA February Network Forum

Philip will outline how we are evolving towards a future way of work where legacy office hierarchies and fixed work locations will disappear; where 'virtual' presence will predominate over face-to-face contact, and where a new armoury of communication and collaboration tools will take creative and know-how work to a new level of productivity.

Jeremy Showalter, Productivity Lead at Microsoft Ireland.Jeremey Showalter Presenter at CCMA February Network Forum

Jeremy will discuss how the New World of Work is a vision to make organisations more effective and productive.  While many challenges face Irish organisations, including the economy, knowledge gaps across teams, and different styles of working - the New World of Work vision provides a direct way of engaging People, Technology, and Place to provide a competitive advantage.  We'll also see first-hand how Microsoft Ireland has implemented the vision in the way they work. The event will take place at the Microsoft offices in Sandyford. If you would more information on this event please visit our events page. If you would like to attend please contact dorothy@ccma.ie