What it means to be Team Leader of the Year

Frances Walsh, Customer Contact Team Leader at AIB, shares her story of winning the CCMA Team Leader of the Year award for 2015.

aib-frances-walsh-team-leader-1220x628 I was awarded the Industry Professional of The Year - Team Leader award at the CCMA (Irish Customer Contact and Shared Services awards) 2015. The process started months before the awards night which took place on 14th November 2015.The start of the CCMA nomination began when I was recognised for "Outstanding Achievement" in the internal AIB recognition programme as nominated by my peers. When the shortlist was announced there was delight at my making the cut and the excitement with my team and colleagues slowly built until the night of the Awards. To be shortlisted and ultimately the winner has been greatly acknowledged and celebrated by my direct colleagues and across the bank.

I arrived at work the following Monday to balloons and bubbly!

My journey and what it meant to me

On a personal level it is hard to put in to words what winning this award has meant. I was delighted and humbled to be nominated and then shortlisted. I work with some wonderful colleagues and to be singled out by them for recognition was a source of great pride. I found the whole process to be very rewarding. I had the chance to read some of the testimonials written by colleagues and my sister. I would not be exaggerating to say they brought a tear to my eye! When you work in a fast-paced environment there is not always the opportunity to hear what your colleagues and managers think of you and the high regard they hold you in.

The CCMA awards process gave me this rare opportunity and I will always remember the wave of goodwill I felt from those I encountered throughout the process.

On the awards night my husband at home and my daughter who is away at college in Cork were able to view the ceremony through live streaming and this truly made it like a family event.

Recognising excellence

Upon reflection, I think the CCMA's process is vital and instrumental in showcasing and recognising the excellence and skill that is to be found in Customer Contact Centres across Ireland. Those of us who work in Contact Centres know this but this public awards ceremony lets the rest of Ireland in on the secret!

Polishing the Trophy

Finally I would like to say I carry the title of Team Leader of the Year 2015 with pride. I have been proud to be recognised at events I have attended both within the Bank and externally as the CCMA Team Leader of the Year and will continue to polish the trophy each week with extra vigour! The 2016 Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards will be launched in June.