Engaging a Diverse Workforce across Multiple Sites

Left to right: Kate Rogers, Global Employee Experience Manager, Kevin McDonald, L&D Director, Dorothy O’Byrne, MD of CCMA Ireland, Suzanne Dolan, MD of Covalen, Barry Dowling, Site Director, Rachael Stapleton, Wellbeing Lead.


Covalen designs and delivers agile, innovative outsourcing solutions to support organisations to boost capability, expand capacity and scale quickly. We have a successful track record for over 25 years delivering small to large multilingual outsourcing projects for leading organisations. Our solutions focus on meeting our clients’ goals across Customer Experience, Business Operations and Content Moderation.

Having won the Irish CCMA Award for Best Employee Engagement in 2022, Covalen recently hosted an event "Engaging a Diverse Workforce across Multiple Sites”, at their headquarters.

Employee Engagement

During the panel discussion, communication between leaders, managers, and employees was identified as one of the key facilitators in driving employee engagement at Covalen. Keeping the lines of communication open and creating new avenues to connect during the Covid-19 pandemic, was paramount to building trust and confidence within our workforce, and the rewards of our efforts are evident today. 

As well as in-person communication, we utilise a range of platforms to share updates, celebrate events and achievements, and spotlight our people and teams company-wide. This helps to keep our employees engaged, focused, and committed on both a team and company level. Effective communication enables our people to connect throughout our organisation no matter where they are based. 

It’s very important for me to connect with every person within our organisation, so I can get a feel for the business and what’s happening on the ground.”

- Suzanne Dolan, Managing Director.

Continuous co-creation with our clients enables us to maintain a fresh and innovative approach to our solutions. Our employees are involved in the decision-making process through brainstorming sessions, which helps demonstrate how the work that each person does has purpose and impact. Engaged employees are more likely to come up with new ideas because they want to contribute to both client and business success, and this has been fundamental to Covalen’s growth strategy.

As a result of our trust-based culture, our employees feel motivated and engaged because autonomous working makes people feel more accountable for their work and more satisfied with their contributions. As our employees take ownership of their jobs, they gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. 

Measurement relating to Engagement, Learning and Development, and Wellbeing was another key discussion point at the event. Systematic measurement and continuous improvement have progressively impacted employee engagement results at Covalen. 

An engaged culture begins with listening to employees' feedback and allowing them to have a voice.

- Suzanne Dolan, Managing Director.

Voice of the Workforce surveys, staff forums, and town halls take place periodically. Participation, feedback, and results have shown how much staff at Covalen consider they are truly part of and feel a sense of, belonging within our company.

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