A Bit of Fun During Covid-19 - Enter the WFH Contest

Since many of us are working from home and missing the office buzz, we thought it was time for a bit of spontaneity and a dash of fun! We’re holding a contest exclusively for all our CCMA members, to show us their working space at home, through either a photo or video submission – the more creative and zesty the entry the better. The video or image with the highest votes wins a Poly Savi wireless headset worth over €200!

Enter now or Vote for your favourite below.


We’re looking for some great #ccmacommunityspirit and that’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to let your teammates vote on your entry too. All participants will be able to view their entry in the gallery and share it with teammates, friends or family to get the votes.

Plus we’ll be treating one lucky team that shows true team spirit to a €100 pizza voucher they can enjoy after a hard day’s work in virtual.

(Promotion ends 29/05/2020).

Good luck to all our entries and may the entry with the best team gusto win!